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ServiceMaster Restore® in Honolulu Hawaii, has the knowledge, experience, and special training to handle hoarding and extreme clutter clean-ups. We’ve trained with Matt Paxton, an extreme cleaning expert and best selling author of “The Secret Life of Hoarders”, to give us the edge and help approach these situations realistically and compassionately. Our proven process and trained experts can resolve most hoarding situations.

Our goal is to help those families whose lives are affected by hoarding and restore a clutter-free, healthy home environment.

A Professional & Understanding Approach

ServiceMaster Restore can do more than clean in an extreme clutter/hoarding situation. We are your complete expert and can handle the job from start to finish. Hoarding often can make a home an unsafe and unhealthy environment. Many times there is mold, infestations, and fire hazards just to name a few of the problems that can occur. Dramatic action is needed to help the affected family turn their lives around. Our highly trained staff knows how to deal with the issues involved in hoarding and will treat affected families with the respect and consideration they deserve.

Please understand that hoarding is not due to the lack of organization skills or laziness. Hoarding is an anxiety disorder that is complex. The person suffering from this condition has a very difficult time parting with possessions even if they have no value. If you or someone you know is hoarding, please consult with an expert for help.

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ServiceMaster Restore Hoarding Services:

Please contact us if you need assistance with a hoarding or extreme clean-up situation on Oahu

  • Clutter and debris will be removed from the property and the property will be professionally cleaned.
  • Our experts will help the property owner find any missing valuable items such as money or jewelry.
  • We will assist with the shredding of documents and any needed recycling.
  • We will help with the organization and distribution of any items that will need to be donated.
  • We can help distribute possessions to family members nationally.
  • We will help facilitate paperwork that may be necessary for lawyers, trusts or government agencies.