Oahu Vandalism Damage Cleanup

ServiceMaster Restore® in Honolulu, Hawaii understands the emotional & financial costs associated with vandalism.  When an intruder intentionally causes damage to your home or structure, we offer caring and efficient cleanup and restoration.

Our professional and courteous technicians can remove graffiti, food, and other substances from your floors, walls, furniture, and other property.

If you choose to, you can minimize the vandalism damage once the authorities have left your property.  

  • Use water to remove egg or other residue off the building.
  • Remove food or other debris from your floors, furniture, and inside walls.  When removing stains from fabric, we recommend that you scrape or blot the stain – don’t rub.
  • You can remove broken glass from furniture and floors with a shop vacuum.  Make sure to wear closed toed shoes to avoid injury from the glass.
  • Create a damage list.

Here is what you shouldn’t do:  

  • Don’t try removing chemical stains like ink and paint.
  • Don’t use electrical appliances that have been damaged.
  • Certain items like damaged wood chips or other small articles might be helpful for repairs, so do not discard them.
  • Don’t use household cleaning products on carpet, upholstery, or other fabrics without consulting an expert cleaning service.]

Contact ServiceMaster Oahu for vandalism cleanup in Honolulu, Hawaii and all of Oahu.